Monday, January 14, 2013

It's almost here!!

the shop is quietly waiting to be stocked! I have the first two "sheets" of magnets ready to start the finishing process. Then it is photo time and listing time. Maybe by the end of the week?

This has me nervous in a lot of ways. I have sold my work before - both at live craft shows in California and Texas as well as online. Usually, I stitch someone else's charts. This time, I am doing some of my own designs. I did take a rough photo of the first sheet done here in Finland...

I will be doing my work in both Finnish and English now, though I am not confident enough to do this blog in Finnish yet!

One thing I notice is that people always want to see the back of any needlework. It does tell a lot about the work itself. When you look at the back, you are looking for overall neatness. I don't ever knot my work, and try not to carry threads over more than 2 stitches without anchoring. Here's a couple pictures of the back of the same sheet so that you can see what I mean... 

The completed magnets will look something like this -- depending on what lace or trims I use. These are backed with cardstock and magnet so that everything is clean and sealed. 

My goal is to have simple, inexpensive but good quality gifts for everyone. As soon as I have the shop stocked, I will post the URL here. Thanks for stopping by!

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