Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The birch trees have finally begun to show their new leaves, and the fields are freshly plowed. The ice cream kiosk is open. I think I can safely say that Spring has officially come to this part of Finland. It is gorgeous!! I love watching the earth come back to life after the long winter under its soft white blanket of snow. We are going to be heading to eastern Finland for a couple days this week, and I will get some pictures to share.

I finished my quilt panels and sent them off to California last week. I am literally on pins and needles until I know they have arrived safely. I have one more to start but I need to go get more fabric first. With luck, I will be able to work on this while I am on the road. Not to worry, I do have PLENTY of other goodies to work on.

If you follow my shop, you know that I recently introduced several picture magnets on evenweave. I've been working on adding more. Personally, I prefer these to the ones worked on Aida.

Linen on the left, Aida on the right
As a refresher, I posted the lavender butterfly comparison above. The evenweave is on the left. Evenweave comes in lots of flavors -- this particular one is a lovely 32 count linen from Wichelt. 

So, I have been adding more. Here's a teaser...

The smaller piece of fabric on top is Aida, and the sheet underneath (with the squirrel) is linen. I get to keep working on this fabric while I am on the road, hopefully, and should have some of these pretty, springtime magnets ready to go into the shop shortly. 

I really want to encourage everyone to visit the Facebook page and LIKE it. I will announce sales and specials there more than anyplace else. 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Power of Backstitches

I don't always have a chance to demonstrate just how powerful backstitching can be. For one, I often backstitch as I finish an area, so getting a picture with just the cross stitching done is almost impossible. Secondly, I work on a lot of smaller projects. But sometimes, I really love to see how the design blooms.

In this first picture, I have all my cross stitches done. It really doesn't look like much other than blobs of color. You can barely tell what this is going to be ("You are the Sweetest Heart" - Gloria & Pat, PMR3). This panel will be going for a charity quilt, being presented to a special young lady.

No backstitches yet

And here we are, with all the backstitches done. This chart isn't really that huge - 40 stitches wide by 89 high. The cross stitches took me about 20 working hours, and backstitching another 8.

Amazing, isn't it?

You can get this lovely design from Patterns Online or you can get the whole booklet with 25 other sweet designs from Gloria & Pat's website as a digital download. The booklet itself is out of print, so you may well pay a bit more than the $12.50 cover price.

I've taken a few days away from working on items for the shop to do a couple of panels for a quilt. I do have some more message magnets to go into both shops. My 10% off sale is over, but I will do another one very soon. In addition to starting on Christmas ornaments (yeah, I know.. it's only the beginning of May!), I should have some small gifts like mug mats and bread cloths ready well in time for the holiday season. Don't forget to drop by Facebook and LIKE the page. It's a great way to stay in touch of sales and product additions. 

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