Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charity Stitching

Earlier I had posted the 4 panels I sent to California for a special quilt. Yesterday, I saw a picture of the completed quilt.

The lovely lady holding this quilt is the teacher who put this project together. Everyone was so happy, and everyone was crying over the love shown to this little girl by complete strangers. It's a great feeling knowing that something so simple as a piece of needlework can make someone so happy... 

Which brings me to today's topic -- Charity Stitching. We all have our own reasons for stitching these pieces. With the quilt above, I had the time, the materials, and the desire. When her teacher asked in a Facebook group for volunteers, I was happy to be able to help. I have a lot of Precious Moments designs here, so it was just a matter of picking out ones that fit the theme and size requirements. These panels weren't stitched for money or for the thanks. They were stitched to show that we can care about others, even if we don't know them. It's really all about people helping each other.

There are a TON of charity stitching groups out there, each with their own focus. My favorite is the Angel Quilt Project. Now in its 13th year, this international group of stitchers led by founder James Farmer of Mississippi has donated over 53,000 quilts to premature infants and critically ill children all around the world. They don't have any time deadlines, so you can stitch as you wish. The panels I did for the quilt above would have been perfect for the Angel Quilt Project (and I will probably stitch some for them, too!) They do have a website as well as a Facebook Page

Another great group is the Linus Project. They are all over the US and deliver brand new handmade security blankets to children in need. Many many churches work to help the elderly and children with bits of handmade comfort and are excellent resources. Stitch for Charity, Stitch for Pleasure is another group that is well-liked by its volunteers in the UK. Best of all, you can easily Google Charity Cross Stitch and come up with a whole list in just minutes. 

The whole point is to take a short time out to help another person through a time of stress. You have no idea how much it will add to your pleasure by simply doing so. 
I will have more updates to the shops this week as I am just finishing off a group of magnets on linen. 

Until then, Happy Stitching!!

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