Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Outstanding Service!

If you follow this blog, you know that I have been having a hard time finding certain items. I am so used to the complete needlework shops that have all the necessary items, plus spoiled by stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby where you can find everything you need for embellishments. Here in Finland, we do have a small chain called Timari. We even have one in our small town. I can get basics like jump rings and eye pins but it is a VERY limited selection and well, expensive. For example the magnets I use for my witty little message magnets. I found 6 of them for 2 euros, or about 60 cents EACH. I used to get my magnets at Wat-Mart for about 8 cents each. I am still looking for sources on this before I resort to mail order. As I told my husband, at least I know where to get them.

But, I needed some other items to complete my tiny stitching. There is this place near Tampere (the next large town to our east) that has a lovely website. So, I decided to try them. I put an order in on Saturday the 23rd for findings and beads. We got the payment request on Monday and sent it back. My package arrived today, complete!! I didn't request any special handling or pay for rush postage. From the time we sent the payment information in to the package arriving was less than 48 hours!!! GREAT selection, outstanding service too. I will definitely be back to shop there and will make a road trip soon too.

They do ship international, folks...

Visit HelmiQ soon!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Now just what is she making?

Here's the first crop of tiny designs. What are they going to be? Well, originally I was going to make them into small pins or button covers. The bunnies make cute earrings, too. But then... times change and our tastes for bling change. These are about the size of a US quarter. So.. you will just have to check back to see the finished products. I was hoping to have some ready by April 1st, but it may be just a few days later. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Almost ready!!

I wanted to post a teaser picture. I completely redid the pictures for the shop this week, and am in the last stages of finishing several new additions. Here's a teaser...

The white angels will be part of Christmas. I had done them earlier while I was still in Texas and just went ahead and filled the fabric with the wizards and chubby angels. The tiny designs on the right will be turned into cellphone or bag charms. These should be online this week. Don't worry - Christmas designs won't be in the shop before September 1st. 

Until then, I am busy stitching away on a piece for my mother-in-law. I will post pictures as I have them.